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Teeth whitening with Pure Whitening

The best for your smile

We provide home teeth whitening with the Pure Whitening brand method. The concentration of the active substance used in home whitening is lower than in other methods and thus this procedure is more gentle on tooth enamel. First, the patient undergoes dental hygiene and examination by a dentist. You express your expectations, your teeth are professionally cleaned and photographed. We will check that they are not affected by decay – or hidden ones. Home dental hygiene must be really good, because teeth whitening is intended for teeth without caries, which the patient can take good care of.

Following the imprints of both jaws, special individual carriers for the bleaching gel are made. It is transparent, so even your loved ones do not have to know how to whiten your teeth. The dental hygienist will show you how to take care of the carriers, how to fill them and put them in your mouth. Usually it is enough to apply the carrier at night and you will see the result within a few days. You can regulate the intensity of whitening to some extent yourself. For some, the application is enough for a week, for others they want to have their teeth whiter and they use our home whitening service for 2-4 weeks.

The complete price of bleaching is 400 euros.

What you should know:

  • teeth may be sensitive during whitening, in which case whitening may be omitted for one or more nights
  • during bleaching and 14 days after its end, it is good to limit the consumption of colored food to a minimum (red wine, blueberries, curry, spinach, soy sauce, coca-cola, beetroot but also strong coffee or tea)
  • the presence of crowns or fillings in the anterior section of the teeth may, after whitening, require their replacement due to color matching
  • teeth whitening under the supervision of experts is safe and we can maintain the result for a long time
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