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Dental hygiene

The road to healthy teeth

A dental hygienist is a qualified specialist who, in cooperation with a dentist, independently performs professional oral hygiene.

The first step in a visit to a dental hygienist is a thorough examination and evaluation of the condition of the teeth. This is followed by the removal of tartar and dental plaque. Furthermore, according to the needs and requirements of the client, polishing, fluoridation and teeth whitening are performed. The most important step is the instruction and practice of dental cleaning techniques.
We will show you what to avoid when brushing your teeth, what to improve. Insufficient brushing leads to tooth decay and diseases of the surrounding soft tissues. These are the most common causes of ultimate tooth loss. On the other hand, incorrect tooth cleaning technique, e.g. Excessive pressure on the toothbrush, or the use of too hard a toothbrush, often leads to exposed and sensitive tooth necks.

The dental hygienist will choose the most suitable aids for regular care of your teeth, interdental spaces and oral cavity. You can take the most suitable toothbrush, solo brush, toothpaste, mouthwash and special aids for cleaning the interdental spaces such as interdental brushes, dental floss or toothpick.


Professional dental hygiene includes:

  • examination of the condition of the teeth
  • instruction and practice of home hygiene for children and adults
  • professional removal of coatings and tartar
  • ultrasonic teeth cleaning
  • mechanical cleaning and polishing of teeth
  • treatment of soft tissue diseases
  • consultancy and sale of means and aids of home oral hygiene

Dental hygiene: immediate and visible change.

The following picture shows: 1. Condition before treatment 2. Condition immediately after treatment 3. Condition one week after treatment

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