Dental implants in Žilina

Opening hours: : MO-FR 7:00 - 20:30 + selected Saturdays 7:00 -14:00
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Our dental emergency Žilina

NONSTOP on the phone number 0905 129 241

The price for the arrival of a dentist outside office hours is 150 € *. From 21:00 to 06:00, the price is € 200 *.

This fee does not include the price of the treatment itself, the price of the treatment is charged according to the valid price list.

Most often, patients in our country pay an amount between 300 – 700 euros for emergency treatment.

This price, in addition to the emergency surcharge, usually includes examination, X-ray (s), photographs, anesthesia and the solution of an acute problem. Dental emergency Žilina Blaha Dent is here for you even outside office hours.

* The service is available only in the case of the physical presence of a dentist in the city of Žilina and has a limited capacity.

Dental emergency in Žilina is also provided by SK Dental s. r. about.

Jána Milca 807/1, Žilina, Tel: 0911 601 158 – it is necessary to order by phone

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