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Treatment of children

Your child may never have tooth decay !!! Even in his old age, he can have healthy teeth.

Here are some tips on how to try it:

  • Until the age of 12, the parent must brush the child’s teeth at least twice a day.
  • After brushing your teeth in the evening, the child must not eat anything. He can drink only pure water or unsweetened tea. If it is “accidentally” eaten or drunk again, just brush your teeth again.
  • Toothpaste should contain fluorides.
  • If the child wants to clean himself, he can. But the parent still has to clean (cleanse).
  • If the child does not want to brush his teeth (some children almost always), the teeth must still be brushed against his will.
  • Give him a good example. Show him how you brush your teeth.
  • Do not look for heredity behind tooth decay. In particular, hygienic habits are inherited.
  • Drinking sweet drinks all day is dangerous.
  • It is good to eliminate night meals as soon as possible.
  • Frequent breastfeeding after the baby’s first year is not good for the teeth.
  • The best time for sweets is right after a meal.
  • It is necessary to visit the dentist for a preventive examination twice a year (see below).
  • From the age of 3, we recommend visits to a dental hygienist 4 times a year.

The state and health insurance companies do not spend enough energy on the prevention of dental caries in children. Most parents agree on this. And yet prevention is always cheaper than cure. We have a solution divided according to the age of the child:

We have care packages ready for you

If you decide not to use our offer of children’s packages for a child from the age of 3, you will be charged a surcharge of 80 euros for each visit to the dentist. We believe that prevention in children is the most important thing. Thank you for understanding.

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